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Pre-K Center in The Woodlands, TX

Instill an early passion for education in your child by enrolling them in the pre-kindergarten program at Kids R Kids. Our pre-k center in The Woodlands, Texas, allows children's curiosity to flourish in a safe, structured environment. Our pre-kindergarten and preschool curricula differ in content and structure, so be sure to schedule a tour of our facility and see which program is right for your child.

Our pre-k curriculum concentrates on developing your child's imagination and creativity, as well as preparing them for life and learning in elementary school. We use National education standards as a starting point, going far beyond to encourage more intellectual and social growth. Our staff guides students through individual and group activities so children can develop a sense of independence and individual accomplishment as well as social skills and teamwork.

We know that each child is different, so their learning styles will differ. That's why our pre-k programs offer diverse lessons aimed at engaging all senses. Our interactive activities encourage kids to listen, communicate, and work with their hands to achieve weekly learning goals. We also provide regular progress reports so both parents and children can see what they have accomplished.

Pre-K Learning Stations and In-Depth Curriculum

Give your children the support and structure they need to develop their passion for education. At our pre-k center, we encourage active learning by letting the children explore the following eight learning stations:

♦ The Alphabet Station builds language skills through listening, spoken, and written communication.
♦ The Art Station lets children design their own masterpieces and build their creativity.
♦ The Construction Station helps with hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness through creation and building.
♦ The Dramatic Play Station develops social skills and imagination through group skits.
♦ The Number Station starts math skills early using a variety of strategies and learning aids.

Pre-K Center in The Woodlands, TX
♦ The Reading Station lets your child take literary adventures and further develop their language skills and imagination.
♦ The Science/Sensory Station provides a place for experimentation and tactile experiences.

Pre-K Programs that Address All Learning Styles

Give your child every opportunity possible to absorb information and get an early start on education. Our pre-k curriculum helps kids learn through reading, writing, listening, playing, and doing hands-on activities. The diverse lessons make sure every learning style is addressed and helps children think about the material in multiple ways.

Contact us today to learn more about our child care center. We proudly accept children aged 6 weeks to 12 from The Woodlands, Spring, and Conroe, Texas.