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Preschool Care in The Woodlands, TX

Help prepare your child for the challenges and rewards of elementary school by enrolling them in the Kids R Kids preschool. Preschool-aged children are at the stage in development when they are testing boundaries and establishing a sense of independence. This curiosity and boundary pushing can sometimes create behavioral problems the children are not given the right guidance and structure. With our preschool care in The Woodlands, Texas, we implement interactive learning practices that help children focus their energy on developing their creativity, imagination, and early learning.

Our preschool center helps children learn through a variety of activities structured in a similar way to what they will experience in elementary school. They have Words of the Week to build their vocabulary, problem-solving skills to encourage analytical development, and Character Connections to develop positive character traits and build self-esteem. Your child will work on projects individually and as part of a group to foster a sense of confidence and independence that will make their primary school experience easier and more enjoyable.

Preschool Care in The Woodlands, TX

Learning Stations at Our Preschool Center

Give your child the structure they need to succeed. While playtime is important in proper child development, the right guidelines and structure are also important. To help develop this sense of structured learning, our preschool programs are divided into the following eight learning stations:

♦ The Construction Station focuses, literally and figuratively on building blocks. Children explore architecture, vocabulary building, hand-eye coordination, and working as a team
♦ The Imagination Station develops creativity, imagination, confidence, and social skills through group play.
♦ The Library and Literature Station incorporates listening, word recognition, and speaking to foster advanced language skills.
♦ The Writing Station develops fine motor skills through name and letter writing.

♦ The Exploration Station helps children's problem solving and analysis skills through puzzles and other activities.
♦ The Discovery Station uses experiments to teach about science and the natural world.
♦ The Sensory Station uses hands-on activities to develop fine motor skills and creativity
♦ The Music and Movement Station gets children's minds and bodies active through fun listening and teamwork activities.

Preschool Programs to Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

Count on our staff to provide comprehensive tools and methods to foster your child's overall development. In addition to helping develop language and motor skills, our preschool care professionals encourage both independence and teamwork through child-directed learning and small group activities. Overcoming established goals and regular progress reports help them build self-confidence and a sense of achievement that will stick with them when they enter grade school.

Contact us today to learn more about our child care center. We proudly accept children aged 6 weeks to 12 from The Woodlands, Spring, and Conroe, Texas.